Day of the Dinosaurs


Brusatte, Steve. Day of the Dinosaurs. Daniel Chester.2016. 80 pp. hc. WideEyed Editions. 978-1-8478-084-5.
Second – Sixth Grade.

In this historic dinosaur book, the author covers from the beginning to the ending of the day of the dinosaurs. Readers are taken to various periods from Triassic to Early-Middle Jurassic to Late Jurassic to Cretaceous. Not only are the dinosaurs analyzed from their earliest existence, they are described in detail from the inside out. A guide is provided to the different types of foods, predators, and other features that set the dinosaur apart from other types of animals. Each section captures drawings of diverse dinosaurs with specific highlights and bold print that makes reading about them easier. This book is appropriate for Second to Sixth Grade. Index. To Find Out More… Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, South Carolina

Science at Work series

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Felix, Rebecca.
Science at Work: Magnetism at Work 978-1-6807-8142-7
Electricity at Work 978-1-6807-8139-7
Kukla, Lauren.
Science at Work: Mass at Work 978-1-6807-8143-4
Elements at Work 978-1-6807-8140-3
Temperature at Work 978-1-6807-8144-1
Light at Work 978-1-6807-8141-0 2017. 24pp. $24.21 hc. ABDO Publishing Company. Preschool – Second Grade.

In this six book series of science at work, readers will enjoy the use of everyday materials and their how science plays an important part in them. Children will enjoy seeing themselves in the easy reader nonfiction book. This series has three major parts that are thoroughly covered in the 24 pages. They include About the Topic, Think About It, and Glossary. Children are encouraged to “look around” their environment and find where the book topic is seen and used. Each book in this series explains the key physical scence topics—Electricity, Elements, Light, Magnetism, Mass, and Temperature. The authentic photographs will keep the attention of young readers from Preschool to Second Grade. This is an excellent book to introduce science to young readers. Think About It. Glossary. Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, South Carolina

Built for the Hunt series

bear croc shark snake tiger whales

Vogel, Julia. Built for the Hunt….
Tigers 978-1-4914-5036-9
Sharks 978-1-4914-5037-6
Crocodiles 978-1-4914-5038-3
Snakes 978-1-4914-5039-0
Killer Whales 978-1-4914-5042-0
Grizzly Bears 978-1-4914-5043-7
2016. 24pp. $24.65hc.Capstone Press. First Grade – Third Grade.

In this multifaceted nonfiction children’s book series, the authors capture just enough to make children and adults want to learn more about these predators. This “Built for the Hunt” six-part series will build the imagination of all who read them. Not only are the photographs authentic, they capture these predators in action. If they are not catching food, they are swallowing or preparing for the attack. While each book offers additional learning opportunities to young readers in First to Third Grade, the availability of internet sites makes this series up-to-date. Additionally, the “Amazing but True” section in this series makes the reading more enjoyable because it’s a fact the reader is almost guaranteed to remember. These are also great reference books and personal reading treasures. Amazing but True. Glossary. Read More. Internet Sites. Critical Thinking Using the Common Core. Index. Highly Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, South Carolina

Experiments with Toys and Everyday Stuff

1 2 3

Rompella, Natalie. Experiments in….…with Toys and Everyday Stuff
Matter and Matter 978-1-4914-5034-5
Light and Sound 978-1-4914-5033-8
Sohn, Emily. Earth Science and Weather 978-1-4914-5033-2.
2016. 24pp. $24.65hc.Capstone Press. First Grade – Third Grade.

In this three book series of first facts, readers will enjoy science using everyday materials. Children will see how science works through easy experiments that mostly include toys and things used around the house. This series will encourage young readers to experience science in step by step instructions for experiments pertaining to light and sound, material and matter, and earth science and weather. The real photos in “Materials” and “Steps” make the experiment come alive for children in First to Third Grade. This is a perfect book to introduce science to young readers. Why It Works. Glossary. Read More. Internet Sites. Index. Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, South Carolina

Super-Awesome Science


McCarthy, Cecilia Pinto
Super-Awesome Science.
The Science of Dinosaurs. 978-1-6807-8246-2
The Science of Movies. 978-1-68078-247-9
The Science of Music. 978-1-68078-248-6
The Science of Speed. 978-1-68078-249-3
The Science of Sports. 978-1-68078-250-9
The Science of Superheroes. 978-1-68078-251-6
The Science of Survival. 978-1-6807-8252-3
The Science of Warriors. 978-1-6807-8253-0
2017. 48 pp. $22.95. hc. ABDO Publishing Company. Grades 3 – 5.

In two books of this four book series, Donovan gives a lively account of library experiences that help children and adults alike learn the Dewey decimal system and the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Each book gives definitions that help its readers learn library related vocabulary and phrases, while the amusing pictures make each book captivating for children. Readers will also learn the basics of books and their location and the importance of libraries. What is wonderful about this series is that key terms and phrases are enlarged and placed in bold letters to stress their importance. Not only does In the Library gives entertaining ways to display facts by placing them in color coded boxes, it offers more fun facts in speech bubbles and in creative captions. Librarians that teach Kindergarten to 4th Grade will appreciate the innovative way the author and illustrator combine their talents to create an exciting way to share specifics about libraries and books. Glossary. More Books to Read. Internet Sites. Index. Highly Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Walterboro (South Carolina) Children’s Librarian.

Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets


Alexander Kwame, Chris Colderley and Marjory Wentworth
Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets.
2017. 56 pp. $16.99 hc. Candlewick Press. 9780763680947. Grades 2 - 5.
Poetry is given a special purpose in this comprehensive book of poems by three powerful poets who have tag-teamed to celebrate twenty beloved poets. Kwame Alexander, Chris Colderly, and Marjory Wentworth give young readers (Grades 2 – 5) an opportunity to learn diverse poetry development that showcase the different styles of the selected poets. This book is divided into three sections—Got Style?, In Your Shoes, and Thank You. The illustrations are creative, bold, and reminiscent of the era in which the celebrated poets existed. Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Walterboro (South Carolina) Children’s Librarian

All Paws on Deck


Young, Jessica and Burks, James
All Paws on Deck.
2016. 80 pp. $15.99.Scholastic, Inc. 978-05-4581-887-2. Preschool – Second Grade.
In this adventure story two dogs (a boy Scottish Terrier and a girl Great Dane) go on a sailing trip.
Happen so, the Scottie declares himself captain and the Great Dane is the first mate. As they set sail in their boat using a wagon in the back yard, they collect land tools and practice tying knots and pronouncing proper pirate language. Captain Scurvy and Bootleg Bonnie (as they are called) encounter a sea serpent, find a map in a bottle, and get stuck in the middle of the sea. Through it all they learn new words and find new play games in their make believe world. This book is perfect for one-on-one reading and a good read aloud in the classroom! The playful illustrations are half colored, half black and white. Children in Preschool to Second Grade will enjoy reading these dog adventures. Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian, Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, South Carolina

The 4 C’s of Successful Testimony: the testimony of Rubina Roberts


Roberts, Rubina
The 4 C’s of Successful Testimony: the testimony of Rubina Roberts
2017. 50 pp. $18.99 pk. Martina Publishing, Inc. ISBN-13: 978-0-9799344-5-2. Adult.
Everyone has a testimony, but her testimony does not always end with a successful story. In this 50 page book, first time author Rubina Roberts gives the reader 4 C’s of having a successful testimony. Mrs. Roberts lays out each C—Confess, Claim, Choose, and Create by sharing common mistakes, showing how to make every opportunity a learning one, and explaining how her testimony changed her life. Readers will see first-hand how anyone can have a successful testimony if he or she gives Jesus her life, puts others ahead, and follows the example of Jesus. Just how Mrs. Roberts shares her testimony is what makes this book unique and worth the read. She gives insight into Godly living or the Christian lifestyle in our daily lives. All of her reference is done through the King James Version of the Holy Bible and she gives direct testimonials of how she got over and how you can too. This book is perfect for the person wanting to gain a successful testimony. The text in each of the 6 chapters is easy to read and understand. If there was one take-away from this book it would be—“The more you help someone else, the more God will bless you.” This retired author has a handle on the subject matter and offers the readers an opportunity share their testimony at the end. I highly recommend this book-- The 4 C’s of Successful Testimony: the testimony of Rubina Roberts-- to all of those seeking a better understanding of how to testify and grow from every experience.

Capers Middle School III

Allen, Alvin
Capers Middle School III
2017. 72 pp. $13.95. pbk. AuthorHouse. Grades 2 - 8.
This third book completes the trilogy at Capers Middle by Alvin Allen. Not only was this chapter book easy reading, it kept my interest, as did the two books in the series. The two main characters Meagan and Ernest have built a strong relationship, but they experience a loss that questions their loyalty. Old friendships are put to the test as to what really happened the night of the accident. Capers Middle School III, like the previous two, will have the readers wanting more. The scenarios of what middle students actually feel, express, and think are demonstrated after the death of one of their friends. Readers in Grades 2 through 8 will be captivated by the storyline, which is suspenseful, adventurous, and most realistic. Teachers can use this as a read aloud after the death of a student or a resource that will provide aid to students suffering from sudden death. What makes the Capers Middle School series a stand out is the text. Students, who need to improve comprehension and recollection skills, will enjoy reading these books. Reluctant readers will pick up these books without question. Capers Middle School III is highly recommended by Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian and author at the Colleton County Memorial Library in Walterboro, South Carolina.

Leon’s Lines


Ember Estridge
Leon’s Lines
ISBN-13: 978-0-9799344-2-1 ($13.00)
[1. Art – Fiction 2. Element of design - Lines 4. Animals - Lion ].
Ever had a teacher that was so concerned about her students that she created something special just to make sure they learned the lesson. That is exactly what this young lady did. Ember Estridge is just that kind of teacher. Miss Ember teaches art at Hendersonville Elementary School in Walterboro, SC, and used the opportunity to share her knowledge with her ready to learn students. It is especially an honor to have had the occasion to work with Miss Estridge on this project. Miss Ember gives her level best and adds a personal touch to sharing a love of art. Leon’s Lines is about a lion who discovers one of the elements of design. By drawing lines, Leon creates beautiful art. He even learns how to enhance his art work by adding extra features. This book will build a love and appreciation for art in the youngest readers. Each of the 33 pages are full of bright colored images that keep the reader’s attention. This is a great read for students wanting to improve their art knowledge. Since children start out with lines anyway, this is a must have in any young child’s personal, beginner’s library. This book is highly recommended by Shiela Martina Keaise, Children’s Librarian at the Colleton County Memorial Library in Walterboro, SC.

Life’s Candid Treasure Chest


Borum, William
Life’s Candid Treasure Chest
96 pp. 978-0-9975037-4-6.
Life’s Treasure Chest III. 103 pp. 978-0-9975037-5-3.
Life’s Abundant Treasure Chest. 110 pp. 978-09975037-3-9.
$9.99. pbk. CreateSpace. 2016. Adults.
In his candid poetry books that give credence to his award winning poems, William Borum shares a hodgepodge of lessons learned and experiences through his poetry. These poems are sure to life one’s spirit, make one laugh or more assuredly, make one think and reflect on life. Mr. Borum has mastered the art of creative adjectives and metaphor in his poems. Readers can expect to find poems from every genre like The Watermelon Patch, The Living Zombie, Nature’s Retreat, Sin Scarred, Manhood/Womanhood, A Widow’s Psalm, Dad’s Day, Root of Success, Don’t Hug Me, Fearful Nights, Food for Thought, and Positive Thinking Speaks Success. Not only are the titles alluring and intriguing, they are easy to read and understand. This book is Recommended for poetry lovers and wanna-be’s who love a good storyline.

Bing vs. the J-Crew


Johnson, Nadine
Bing vs. the J-Crew
2017. 128 pp. $12.95 (hc).123 Mango Tree Books. ISBN 978-0-9814874-7-2. Ages 7 – 9.
In this funny chapter book, readers will find pleasure in discovering how a science nut, who just happens to love birds, conquers his fears. Bing vs. the J-Crew is not only an easy read, it has cool illustrations that make it appropriate for the early chapter book readers. During the last ten days of school, Bing encounters the J-Crew, Chad and Braxton. Because Bing is up for the crown of being Science Student of the Year, the J-Crew plan the ultimate prank to get Bing. Fortunately, Bing overhears them plotting and decides to counteract their plans with the help of his best friend, Joni. Readers will have fun seeing how this plays out and how Bing uses his love for science and birds to build unlikely friendship. This is a must read for children wanting tips on how to deal with bullying and how to overcome fears. Teachers can use this book to teach the importance of forgiveness. Not only is this an appropriate book for children in Second to Fourth Grades, it is a multicultural children’s book that has males as the main characters, who love learning.
Highly Recommended. Shiela Martina Keaise, Walterboro (South Carolina) Children’s Librarian